Sensedia Achieves Strong Momentum Through First Half of 2024

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July 10, 2024
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Company launches innovative AI product, shares customer successes, and receives recognition from top independent research firm

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sensedia, a global API solutions provider, today announced tremendous momentum heading into the second half of 2024. Sensedia has consistently experienced strong growth since its inception in 2007. 2024 is reinforcing this trend, with expectations to surpass last year's R$200 million revenue by more than 30%.

This month, Forrester recognized Sensedia in The Forrester WaveTM: API Management Software, Q3 2024. Sensedia’s U.S. Head and Global CMO, Lisa Arthur, expressed, “We are honored to be recognized in Forrester’s research. Our Open Finance as a Service solution and extensive open banking expertise are unparalleled. We are committed to continuous improvement, recently integrating AI capabilities into our API Management Platform. APIs are critical building blocks for open, integrated ecosystems that foster global connectivity. We take pride in enabling business transformation and showcasing customer success stories demonstrating new opportunities and increased ROI.”
Arthur added, “To us, this recognition from Forrester underscores our dedication to empowering forward-thinking companies worldwide with enhanced connections and capabilities.”

This recognition follows Sensedia’s May launch of AI Copilot during APIX 2024. Sensedia AI Copilot simplifies the entire API creation journey—from planning and design to implementation, testing and validation, documentation, deployment and management steps—and can now be navigated with simplicity, speed, and intuition with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

The solution embeds over 17 years of Sensedia’s expertise in designing API strategies and best practices. It supports customers in aligning their API and integration strategies with business goals, transforming digital channels and integrated ecosystems.

Sensedia customer uisa, one of the largest biorefineries in Brazil, successfully tested Sensedia AI Copilot, demonstrating an acceleration of uisa’s development process for creating and launching APIs. Sensedia AI Copilot simplified adherence to industry best practices, resulting in more robust and efficient APIs, reduced human errors and automation of repetitive processes, easier customizing and adjusting journeys and endpoints, and easier integration with Sensedia’s API Manager (complete API management platform).

Also in the first half of 2024, Sensedia has announced success cases sharing their work accelerating open banking integration with Sicredi, a large financial cooperative with more than 7.5 million members; empowering global payments (Rendix - now available in the United States) with Rendimento/pay; and enabling Petz, the largest chain of pet shops in Brazil’s digital sales growth to 40% of its gross revenue.

Sensedia has been providing technical solutions to companies since 2007. The company offers expert advisors for API management, digital transformation and open banking and finance initiatives. Sensedia’s products include its API management platform, AI Copilot, Integration Management, API Adaptive Governance, Events Hub, and Service Mesh. The company, headquartered in Brazil, has a global presence, including offices in the U.S.

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