Cyrano.AI Selects Sensedia to Manage Complex API Requirements and Deliver AI-Enhanced Communications

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February 28, 2023
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MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sensedia, a global leader in delivering API and microservice solutions, today announced Cyrano.AI has chosen Sensedia’s platform to drive its API management and microservice support for its conversational AI interaction platform and products. Sensedia helps companies innovate through a digital, connected, and open platform strategy.

“When we realized the right API platform was critical to our growth. We expected our technology selection and adoption process to last 3 - 4 months or longer and wanted to evaluate potential suppliers carefully”

Cyrano’s platform uses a powerful AI engine to recognize and respond to the individualized nuances in a conversation, such as communications style, attention to detail, motivation and commitment level. The platform recommends how to communicate most effectively with that person, such as storytelling or being more data and evidence-based in a dialog. So far, the Cyrano team has analyzed thousands of minutes of video conversations and more than 6 million emails and chats to create a sophisticated AI-driven platform. This information assesses an individual's reactions and behaviors when engaging in conversations. All of this data is shared with Cyrano through API connections which is an enormously complex task.

Ensuring Cyrano connects smoothly to this extensive range of data sources, systems and platforms requires an agile, fast and scalable API management platform and strategy. That's where Sensedia excels. Sensedia simplifies complicated API structures like Cyrano's with expert support and a developer-friendly, modern platform that maximizes data-based exchanges. Its platform is flexible for all enterprise sizes and built to handle and scale complex APIs, microservices and events in a world where speed and efficiency are essential for success.

"Sensedia is thrilled to have been selected by Cyrano.AI as its technology of choice," said Ken Ballou, Sensedia’s US Director. "The Sensedia platform is entirely designed to support and enhance the complexities involved in connecting Cyrano’s AI engine to a diverse range of data sources in a safe, secure, reliable, and fast way. Our platform supports Cyrano’s business and technology requirements today and will continue to support the company’s needs as its requirements evolve.”

Scott Sandland, Cyrano's CEO and Co-Founder, worried that finding an API solution capable of supporting Cyrano’s complexity would be daunting. "When we realized the right API platform was critical to our growth. We expected our technology selection and adoption process to last 3 - 4 months or longer and wanted to evaluate potential suppliers carefully," said Sandland. "We narrowed our options to a select group of the most significant API companies, the top 15 evaluated in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022, that offered the services we required. Reviewing different vendor technologies' capabilities, it quickly became clear that Sensedia was the best option for Cyrano. They offer the most robust platform and proven expertise to handle the complexity and volume of our API-based data ingestion needs, and they can confidently scale with our projected growth requirements. We made our decision in weeks, not months, giving us a greater opportunity to integrate our proprietary solution into a wider variety of companies and tech stacks across a larger geographic and economic range. We're excited to join forces with Sensedia and share Cyrano's capabilities with new customers."

Cyrano.AI, an AWS customer, does more than provide businesspeople with tools and recommendations to enhance communications and exchanges. The company's ultimate mission is to provide conversational expertise that guides mental health professionals to be more empathetic in patient interactions. Its platform gives them precise insights to deliver more effective and supportive care. Sandland’s goal is to evolve Cyrano's business model to tap into the commercial application's success and eventually provide the platform free to mental health therapists, counselors and clinicians helping veterans, children and people experiencing homelessness.

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