Microservices & Service Mesh architectures

Microservices & Service Mesh architectures

In order to evolve, digital businesses need agility, scalability, resilience and control. While Microservices architectures facilitate this, they can pose management and security challenges.
Sensedia's Service Mesh overcomes such challenges by implementing security accross all Microservices, managing different deployment models and the traffic load. It also provides real-time dashboards and logs that support Observability and Tracing.

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Sensedia Service Mesh

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Centralised application of security mechanisms for Microservices

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Real-time feedback with detailed dashboards and logs for north-south and east-west integrations

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Advanced traffic controls (shadow traffic,canary release, route diversion)

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Low code interface and Graphics display end-to-end dependencies

Service Mesh architecture

Security and Observability for your microservices

Service Mesh architecture

Real-time Microservices metrics

Real-time Microservices metrics

Advanced traffic controls
(canary release, routing, shadow traffic...)

Microservices - Advanced traffic controls

Centralized management and security for your mesh architecture

Management and security for mesh architecture