Event-driven architecture

A digital business is always running, requiring competence in event capture, processing, analysis and response. Quickly reacting to real-time threats and opportunities can dramatically improve business results.

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Sensedia Events Hub

Customer experience

Use real-time information to deliver rich, and in context, customer experiences, and discover more about digital business opportunities.

Business ecosystems

To leverage business ecosystems and gain that competitive advantage, companies need to monitor and capitalise on significant events within their network.

Agiltiy & scalability

Legacy systems restrict innovation. Event-based architecture offers greater agility, resilience, design potential and scalability, with lower switching costs.

Modern architecture

Digital businesses use technology with event-driven models, such as Microservices, IoT, AI and Blockchain.

Events Hub

Event focused real-time responses

Events creation

Event handler overview


Be event-driven: respond in real-time and grow your business

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Why it's important to be

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Events, Event-Driven Architecture, and Async APIs.

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