Sensedia - Customer Success team

Customer Success team

Sensedia supports clients with a Customer Success team. Comprising API experts and business strategists, the team manages the onboarding process - from implementation to operation - ensuring it meets clients' strategic needs

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Sensedia - Client onboarding & training

Client onboarding & training

Sensedia's Customer Success Team is going to help with your onboarding at Sensedia Platform

Api platform Monitoring

Measuring success

In order to evaluate success, all strategies must have KPIs. Our team will help you define and measure them.

APIs Proactive engagement

Proactive engagement

Our team will provide you insights and alerts if necessary by monitoring your KPIs

Performance feedback

Performance feedback

Provide mechanism and open communication to Sensedia's clients and ensure a positive way to receive and work with their feedbacks.

Sensedia Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Work hard to guarantee our clients achievements and help them in their way.

The success flywheel

The Customer Success team supports every client, ensuring the API platform achieves strategic goals.

Sensedia Customer Success team API platform

Taking off

Enable products and services provided by Sensedia and guarantee alignment with Objectives

Growing up

Provide mechanisms for best practices on Sensedia Platform and ensure that the strategy is running smoothly


Review usage and strategy periodically and make the necessary adjustments