Positivo Tecnologia invests in teaching solutions towards a new format in digital studies in Brazil

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Positivo Tecnologia is a Brazilian technology company that develops, manufactures and markets computers, cell phones, tablets, devices for smart homes and offices, servers and IT infrastructure solutions, in addition to accessories, mobile payment terminals and educational technologies. It also offers integrated services in leasing IT and mobility equipment, and technical support.

Customer Challenge

To create the first education platform where managers of educational institutions can combine technological solutions aimed at helping students with learning difficulties or even detect talent.

Sensedia`s Role

It acted in the digital transformation process with the development of APIs, consulting for the integration of solutions and communication between the developments made in the microservices architecture, aiming to connect the solutions of educational partners to each other and to Educacional.

Experience Gains

The development of a platform capable of aggregating several solutions demands a good management of APIs capable of allowing the communication between software with different languages.

Strategy Gains

The largest hub of digital teaching-learning solutions with more than 5MM users on its platform is Positivo, a company that seeks to contribute to the teaching-learning process in Brazil through technology.

"The goal is for them to be used by students, educators, educational managers, and parents of the public and private education networks, generating equal educational opportunities for all".

Leorys Colletes
Director of Information Technology at Positivo Tecnologia.
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