MAG Seguros revamps business by innovating integration of partners in the ecosystem

Company leaps to the next level relying on Sensedia’s API platform.

The challenge

MAG Seguros was on its business transformation journey and in 2011 began integrating some partners into its ecosystem, building a digital sales model. Since then it has been expanding this service, consolidating a 100% digital operation. The insurer continues its expansion in the market and the technological evolution was inevitable.

The big technological challenge was to create a portal capable of offering the best experience with functionality and simplicity for both the technical and business user. The answer came by building an API portal.

MAG Seguros is a multinational company of the Aegon Group, one of the largest life insurance, private pension and financial investment groups in the world, with operations in over 20 countries. Innovation is part of MAG's DNA, with almost 200 years of uninterrupted activities in the market.


Sensedia customized the portal to the specific MAG Seguros UX design, including a new feature called Roadmap features, where users choose which of them are the priorities. 

Through the platform,  MAG enables its partners to sell, create portfolios and offers, because it provides contract templates aligned to different types of businesses, according to the scope of coverage. Thus, it speeds up the process of providing credentials ready to be integrated via the Sensedia platform.

"We no longer have bottlenecks. Everything is available on our portal, which has become a portrait of the company’s level of digitalization. In fact, a great differentiator against the competition”.

says Luiz Henrique Queiroz, Superintendent of Corporate Arhitecture at MAG Seguros


The implementation of the project occurred from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019. In the first year already, according to Queiroz, MAG Seguros has gained many partnerships from various segments and also a differentiated positioning in the market.

Using the new platform and API portal, MAG Seguros has gained the speed to put new partnerships online, overcoming integration challenges and expanding its ability to scale.

In addition, the APIs have given MAG Seguros the possibility to connect to any ecosystem in the financial market.

MAG Seguros revamps business by innovating integration of partners in the ecosystem

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