Iguatemi 365 and the Importance
of Digital Channels

It has always been Iguatemi's intention to offer an omnichannel experience and be part of the customer journey through various channels. We have been studying to enter the e-commerce segment since the 1990s. Since then, many proposals have been evaluated, but we had not found the ideal model, with the technical specifications we need and the quality standard we do not give up.

Especially now, the crisis has brought new customers to the digital environment, who previously did not shop this way. The integration of the channels is a single ticket. It is a change in behaviour that is gaining significance at this time and we are optimistic about the performance of this sales platform. 

Iguatemi 365 is the e-commerce service of Iguatemi company of Shopping Centers and was conceived to offer clients an online sales platform with excellence and curation of the Iguatemi brand - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


One of the main challenges we faced, but which is part of Iguatemi 365's value proposition, is the creation of an integration layer that adapts to the various front-office systems, reducing as much as possible the shopkeepers' friction to perform integration with our platform.

This is due to the diversity of technologies, standards, models, data storage existing in the ERP market, and the particularity of each shopkeeper.


Our partnership with Sensedia and its flexible day-to-day operation is extremely valuable for the implementation of the customer and retailer day roadmap, and also for the expansion of Iguatemi 365 in a solid and scalable way.

Through constant interactions with the Developer Experience team, we can make the best use of the platform, stay up-to-date on best practices and optimise our processes and integrations.


Since March 2021, Iguatemi's customer base was increased fivefold, in addition to more than 220 new brands to the mix.

We have the strength and recognition of our unique brand across Brazil. As proof of this, the expansion process was accelerated, taking the brand beyond the State of São Paulo.

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Iguatemi 365 and the Importance of Digital Channels

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