Direcional increases customer satisfaction and bets on digital inclusion

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One of the largest construction companies in the country, with more than 40 years of history, 150,000 units delivered or incorporated and more than 6,000 employees. It is present in all regions of Brazil.

Customer's challenge

Integration of customer information and online services through a multichannel platform that acts as an information and service hub for owners.

Sensedia's role

Implementation of the API management platform, which allowed integrations through a gateway that establishes these connections.

Gains in experience

More agility and comfort in customer service, raising your satisfaction index. Governance and security in the management of APIs. Easy-to-use, low-friction platform.

Strategic gains

Development of new products and service channels, in addition to ensuring more information security. Transformation of the company into a technology company, evaluating new business fronts through data from the digital environment.

"All the main services we offer go through Sensedia, this allows the activation of new fronts, in an easier and faster way. With the central hub of APIs, we gain both resilience and simplicity, not forgetting the governance and security we need, and having an easy-to-use, almost frictionless platform."

João Vítor da Silva
Direcional IT Manager

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