Banco Rendimento takes the lead with state-of-the-art pluggable bank

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Founded in 1992, Banco Rendimento offers specialized and customized advice to the middle market sector with a portfolio of tailored products and services and seeks, with technology and agility, to find the best solutions for different business strategies.

Customer's challenge

Since 2018, Rendimento has been working on the evolution of its banking as a Service (BaaS). To achieve the business objectives, a platform was essential to support the bank in the management of payments and in the secure formation of a BaaS.

Gains in experience

Rendimento has a clear position with the creation of a banking platform. One of it’s main business channels for the consumption of products and services are the sets of services and APIs, which involve boletos and cards with various operations that can be carried out by the app.

Strategic gains

Today it is possible to monitor various customer environments, facilitating and streamlining the demand for various services, organizing all the documentation in the market standard and making this management and even the flow of transactions efficient, all in compliance with the sector's regulations.

"The strategy was to create a revolutionary ecosystem, supported by a platform of APIs, and thus become a great BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) of services, a flexible gateway that allows customers to plug new services in an agile, efficient and cheap way to their business. For that, we needed a strong partner, with a stabilized solution, aggregator of values, through APIs and we chose Sensedia."

André Luiz Alves
Executive Director of IT at Banco Rendimento.
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