Agile architecture, legacy integration

If you have an agile and modern integration architecture, it must be supported by an API layer that provides security, continual monitoring and governance.

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Agile architecture requirements

Connect your legacy to modern applications and speed up your digital projects

Monitor your internal and external integrations with real-time dashboards and complete logging

Use APIs, Microservices and events with a complete platform allows security and governance.

Client's stories

Algar Telecom is one of Brazil's major Telco companies, and have used their API Strategy to drastically reduce costs and providing a seamless experience to acquiring products and services.

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Use Microservices and APIs to connect and modernise your legacy systems and to adopt cloud strategies and be prepared to run on new technology stacks as well as to have automation, run in containers, scale automatically, etc. Connect SaaS applications to your internal services and systems.

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