Ethics & Compliance Portal

For us being #awesomepeople is much more than a hashtag! It's about the way we relate to the world, with our co-workers and projects, with clients and partners! 

It's about working with dedication, respect, responsibility, honesty and sustainability!

It is expected from all our employees the greatest possible attention to the way we relate to each other and do our work, so we have available our CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT, as well as implemented a Compliance and personal data protection program, so you can be sure you can always expect the utmost respect, honesty and ethics in our work!

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct represents the commitment of Sensedia and all its employees to ensure a respectful, healthy and sustainable working environment.

Check out the full code in your language.

Reporting Portal

We encourage all our partners and employees to report improper conduct and/or conduct contrary to our Code of Ethics and Conduct through our whistleblowing channel: Follow the steps below to clearly describe what happened.

Describe what happened.
Where, when and how it happened or is happening.
Evidence, documents and/or other information that may be relevant for the assessment of the case and the forwarding of actionsa you make the world more OPEN and raise the level of your career.
Who are the people or organisations involved.
Whether there are witnesses or not.

Reporting form.

Now, fill in the fields below with what happened, don't worry, all the information provided will be analysed in anonymity and according to the applicable privacy rules and legislation.

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