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Having people at the center of our actions is a non-negotiable value for Sensedia, whether they are collaborators or non-collaborators.

We believe that this care allows us to develop the best professionals, the best solutions and, in this way, we become a team of specialists. For this, we have an extremely strong culture, experienced by everyone who surrounds Sensedia.

In order to contribute to the constant improvement of our work and ensure the transparency and excellence of our products and services, we are delighted to inaugurate our “We Hear You” ombudsman channel, available to all the people who are the focus of our actions, in other words, a channel made for us to listen to you!

“We Hear You” is your platform for asking questions, sharing ideas, concerns, suggestions, complaints, correcting errors and reporting any misconducts that violate our Code of Conduct and Sensedia's policies, laws and/or regulations. It is an online tool that allows communication between you and Sensedia in a secure way and is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish versions.

When registering a complaint, you can choose to carry it out anonymously or identify yourself. Even if you choose anonymity, you will be able to follow the treatment of your complaint, as well as the result. The findings of the investigation and measures taken to remedy it may remain confidential, per Sensedia's discretion.

But rest assured that the privacy and confidentiality of everyone involved in the process will be respected and the process will be conducted by Sensedia's Compliance team, with support from the Company's Ethics and Culture Committee.
If you want to help us on this journey, just access the link and tell us what you've witnessed ;)

Code of Ethics and Conduct

For us being #awesomepeople is much more than a hashtag! It's about the way we relate to the world, with our co-workers and projects, with clients and partners! It's about working with dedication, respect, responsibility, honesty and sustainability!

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct represents the commitment of Sensedia and all its employees to ensure a respectful, healthy and sustainable working environment.

Check out the full code in your language.
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