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There is No AI
Without APIs

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Accelerate API Design with Responsible AI

Enable embedded AI for your business.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to accelerate responsible API design

Improve Developer Experience with an AI-capable developer portal

Drive rapid product development with generative AI technology

Ensure ethical AI consumption.

Trigger flexible and real-time API call content-based alerts

Flag potential misuse based on pattern detection

Block API calls from potential threat actors

Enhance experiences with AIaaS.

Efficiently implement AI productivity tools in your workflow

Create new and secure AI-powered digital experiences

Securely govern and control data in new AI workflows

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Discover how Sensedia collaborates with to securely integrate Language Model Models (LLMs), unlocking the real-world potential of AI-powered solutions.

Don't miss's CEO, Scott Sandland, deep dive into the world of ethical AI, responsible use, and how Sensedia helps Cyrano enable secure solutions to scalability. from APIX 2023!

Check out this product explainer video to gain a deeper understanding of how Sensedia's AI-ready platform can securely enable your business with full control over AI, creating a frictionless experience.


Offer AI-as-a-Service

Quickly adopt AI and accelerate go-to-market deliveries. Design and deploy secure APIs that ensure ethical and responsible AI adoption so you can innovate in your industry.

Learn how to enable your platform with plug-and-play embedded AI, while ensuring the security and integrity of your data.

Generate new revenue streams through an AI-as-a-Service model (AIaaS)

Talk to Sensedia and enable our AI-Ready Platform

Sensedia helps you leverage AI-ready APIs and adopt a scalable platform strategy to drive innovation with embedded AI. Unlock new revenue streams for your business.