Sensedia Integrations

Build a better enterprise with reliable Integrations

Easily create and manage integration flows between systems, applications, and both internal and external data. Automate processes to accelerate your deliveries and bring sustained scalable growth to your business.

Build faster with Sensedia

Collaborate with our expert team to co-create integration workflows, boosting your team's productivity and enabling faster, seamless application delivery.

Deploy & Run

Enjoy a low-code interface, equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, capable of connecting cloud based and on-premise applications, enhancing security and agility using pre-built connectors for seamless integrations.

Monitoring & Insights

Optimize the intelligence, visibility, and monitoring of your integrations. Gain actionable insights into every aspect of your integration workflows, assess performance, and predict failures proactively.

Forrester Wave

Leading the Way in API Management

We received industry recognition as a Leader in the global report The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022, receiving the highest scores in Product Vision, Planned Enhancements, Supporting Services, and Market Approach.


Track and assess the performance of your integrations in real-time

  • Enable monitoring of logs and metrics.
  • Evaluate data analysis for troubleshooting.
  • Access valuable insights into the behavior of your integrations.

Monitor the status and performance of integrations

Gain operational simplicity and real-time visibility by leveraging transparency, simplifying process orchestration and flow management across ecosystems. Detect potential failures early on with efficient alerts to ensure continuous operations.


Connect diverse systems into one unified flow

  • Use business-ready connectors in use by top industry players.
  • Enable seamless integration and data flow across systems.
  • Data mapping for diverse format interoperability.
Agile Architecture

Streamline your integration flows with our solutions

Effortlessly design, test, and implement flows with a simple switch, and set up security credentials leveraging utility tools to customize your integrations.

Build high-end integration flows

Maximize the power of your integrations with Integrations, unlocking scalability and opening doors to fresh business opportunities.

Additional Products

Discover our entire suite of products

API Management Platform

Easily manage the full lifecycle of your APIs.

Service Mesh

Achieve agility in developing, operating, and evolving distributed applications.

API Adaptive Governance

Ensure the security and flexibility of your architecture with confidence.

Events Hub

Enable event distribution that react to business moments in real-time.

Open Banking & Finance

Explore and ignite Open Banking initiatives with our bundled expert advisory.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about Integrations.

How can Sensedia help me reduce costs and increase integration speed?

Our low-code platform provides integration features with pre-built connectors, eliminating the need for custom development and reducing operational costs. Additionally, we help automate manual processes, substantially reducing the time and effort required for maintaining and implementing new integrations.

What security measures and data protection does Sensedia Integrations offer?

Our security measures include API key authentication and encrypted protocols, ensuring the safeguarding of data during transfers between integrated systems.

How does Sensedia integrate my business and other market-leading solutions?

We provide integration with the following connectors:

  • SalesForce, a CRM solution
  • SAP, enterprise management
  • Slack, a collaborative communication platform
  • VTEX, e-commerce

Through Integrations, you can customize steps and notifications, enabling you to identify opportunities, streamline your business operations, and establish seamless connections with industry-leading solutions that align with your specific requirements.

How does Sensedia make me more agile and adaptable to market changes?

By leveraging different tools, we automate data processing and decision-making based on predefined criteria. This simplifies integrations, allows for custom workflows, and enhances operational efficiency, delivering results. Additionally, our platform seamlessly integrates with emerging technologies and solutions, guaranteeing agility and adaptability to evolving market demands.

How does Sensedia Integrations address scalability and performance issues?

Designed for scalability, our platform effortlessly handles increased transaction volumes and integrations. Expand operations and integrations as your business grows, without disrupting data flow or undergoing complex restructuring

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