Sensedia's API Platform Underpins Petz's Digital Sales Growth to 40% of Its Gross Revenue

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May 16, 2024
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Digital ecosystem integration strategy bolsters Brazil's largest pet store chain to reach more than 1 million active monthly app customers

Petz, the largest chain of pet shops in Brazil and one of the pioneers in the phygital strategy (combining face-to-face experiences with digital technologies to create a more personalized user experience), successfully scaled its e-commerce operations, elevating them to the point where they now account for over a third of the company's sales and gross revenue. Simultaneously, Petz invested in an omnichannel strategy to continue enhancing its market presence.

According to Petz's fourth quarter 2023 balance sheet, digital sales represent over 40% of its gross revenue, with an omnichannel index of 92.1%.

“We started building the company's omnichannel platform in 2015, but the omnichannel strategy, in fact, came in 2019, connecting 100% of all Petz stores. However, it was through the process of acquiring new companies, such as Cansei de ser Gato and Zee.Dog that we really started to bring new channels and new experiences focused on the consumer,” explains Fernando Diniz, CTO at Petz.

Expanding Digital Sales

Over the last few years, Petz has advanced omnichannel functions and enabled new digital channels by offering a series of integrated services, such as e-commerce, pet adoption, veterinary services, express delivery, and reduced waiting time for product pickup in one of its more than 240 physical stores, over the last few years.

“Today, the Petz app has over one million monthly active users. On the other hand, for every ten orders placed on a digital channel, more than nine are directed to a store — and of these, 95% are delivered within one business day — which proves that the phygital strategy is on the right track and has everything to grow,” adds Diniz.

According to Diniz, another interesting piece of data shows that digitized customers (i.e., those who buy both in-store and online) have an average monthly ticket 60% higher than customers who only buy in physical stores.

Technology support

Petz invested in a synergistic approach between the digital and IT teams to integrate its physical stores with digital. This approach gave Petz greater agility in its operations and created an excellent omnichannel experience for the end consumer, increasing consumer loyalty.

The architecture was developed in partnership with Sensedia, a global leader in API solutions. “The design of a connectivity structure, based on API governance and the creation of microservices, developed by our team for Petz, made it possible to connect the entire ecosystem. Furthermore, they were essential in creating rules and standards for exposing APIs, which are now used as a service catalog by all of the company's digital product tribes,” explains Marcilio Oliveira, Co-founder and Chief of Growth at Sensedia.

During this digital transformation process, Petz emphasizes that it started examining the customer's journey all the way through. This examination involved crafting digital experiences that seamlessly integrate with existing e-commerce and physical journeys while identifying additional elements necessary to enrich and streamline this journey.

“With the creation of microservices, it was possible to connect the entire Petz ecosystem in all the journeys that the customer could initiate, from Adote to the Aesthetics Center, uniting journeys from the physical channel to the digital channel. In addition to building APIs, microservices, and having a gateway for API governance and responses, it is worth highlighting that the collaborative technology and business culture were certainly major differentiators for the company,” adds Diniz.

More information about the success of the Petz case will be presented by Cláudia Marquesani and Fernando Diniz, CIO and CTO of Petz, respectively, at APIX (API Experience) 2024, one of the leading business and technology events in Latin America, which will be held May 23 at the World Trade Center São Paulo. The Petz case presentation will also be broadcast free online for registrants. For more information about APIX 2024 and to register for the online event, visit

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