Sensedia's API-First Strategy Increased's Effectiveness Tenfold

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November 24, 2023
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Case Study Details Successfully Delivering LLM-based AI Ethically, Quickly and Affordably

MIAMI, Sept. 28, 2023 - Sensedia, a global API solutions leader for companies adopting a more digital, connected, and open strategy, announced a case study regarding its pivotal role in supporting's challenge to ethically control LLM-based embedded AI delivery to identify and score emotional inputs. Sensedia's platform allowed to manage and scale service while expanding to broader markets.

Sensedia's API platform underpins and connects's AI integration and platform to carefully control user-level adoption by intercepting and pausing concerning usage. The solution works fast - reduced translation time by 44% with Sensedia's AI integration.

"It's not just about creating an AI product and releasing it into the world; it's about doing so ethically, responsibly, and securely while also yielding positive business results," said Filipe Torqueto, Sensedia's head of US solutions. "Sensedia was excited to tackle's alignment challenge by leveraging the potential of APIs. Our expertise and platform allowed secure API access to prioritize genuine connections to large language model (LLM) data."

This API-first approach customizes LLMs to meet clients' needs and contexts, maximizing's service value.'s effectiveness increased tenfold, achieving success with $2.5M instead of $25 million.

Scott Sandland,'s CEO, shares, "What I wanted to do was not a 'move fast and break things business model,' the ethics of this matter to me a lot. With our API, we can power emotional manipulation, and that's an ethically important thing to get right. And because they [Sensedia] believed in the mission and… they understood the reason behind it. That was absolutely game-changing for us." and Sensedia's mission reminds enterprises to push AI innovation boundaries ethically, responsibly and securely. Read the case study:

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