Sensedia’s 2024 API Trends Report Sheds Light on the Crucial Role of the API Economy in an AI-Driven World

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January 25, 2024
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Expert Analysis and Projections for this Year’s API Trends at the Height of the AI Hype

Sensedia, a global leader in delivering API solutions for companies adopting a more digital, connected, and open strategy, today released a 2024 trends report on the API Economy in an AI-Driven World. The ten-page report, authored by API expert and former Gartner Analyst Paolo Malinverno, Sensedia’s Head of Strategy and Innovation, covers API trends related to generative AI, platform engineering, open banking, and nonhuman API consumption. Malinverno also offers recommendations, reveals an overview of his top 5 API trends, and takes a thoughtful look back at what businesses can learn from 2023.

“If you don’t believe the world runs on APIs already, 2024 will convince you,” said Maliverno. “The explosion in consumption of Generative AI services in itself will convince a lot of people. And there is no AI without APIs. Companies are realizing the true value of platforms for internal and external interactions and engineering APIs to securely meet their needs and those of their business partners and customers. API management is already everywhere, and APIs will only continue to be the star player and ideal building blocks in connecting our increasingly digital and open world.”

Malinverno brings a wealth of experience in guiding companies to harness the full potential of technology for business advancement. His impressive career includes 23 years at Gartner, a renowned global research and advisory firm, where he served as a senior industry analyst, shaping industry perspectives through influential reports such as Magic Quadrants and Hype Cycles.

Readers will unlock actionable insights for each trend and discover overarching recommendations for the upcoming year, including in-depth discussions on the following:

Infusing AI capabilities into your existing and new applications

Designing platforms for the specific needs of the ecosystem

Dealing with financial institutions through a platform to keep up with today’s pace of business

Finding solutions that can administer more than one API management platform

Deciding whether or not nonhuman API consumption is acceptable

"APIs stand as the foundational pillars for modern businesses. Sensedia is thrilled to present the API Trends Report, enabling innovative companies to thrive in a more digital, connected, and open world," said Kleber Bacili, CEO of Sensedia. "In a time of unprecedented digital acceleration and openness, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of emerging trends is crucial for organizations to strategically navigate the swiftly evolving landscape this year. This report is a testament to Sensedia's mission – empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to embrace and excel in the ever-changing digital era."

The report can be downloaded free from Sensedia’s website here:

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