Simplify and accelerate your FDX journey with Sensedia’s Enterprise-Grade API Management platform

with Sensedia’s Enterprise-Grade API Management platform

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Only Sensedia offers a single, cohesive API Management platform designed to support the strictest requirements of global banking and financial services firms. These capabilities range from built-in consent management and governance, to extensive development support and collaboration. A more interoperable, transparent, and connected Financial Data Exchange/Open Banking strategy for your enterprise.

By leveraging Sensedia’s out-of-the box FDX support capabilities, institutions can realize tangible time-to-market results that align with industry-driven GRC (Governance, Regulatory and Compliance) requirements, and support enterprise data management standards.

API design & building

Unlock data trapped in legacy systems to securely integrate with new technologies and services.

Banking New Partners

Improve API visibility and observability with centralized configuration and API governance.

API design & building

Incorporate the latest FDX APIs and consent management regulations into your digital business strategy.

Governance and compliance

Advance revenue-driven initiatives and digital acceleration strategies via an open and standards based API-centric approach.

Banking New Partners

Master your OB initiatives and the multitude of internal and external APIs with Sensedia’s Adaptive Governance capabilities.

Governance and compliance

Meet GRC requirements with Sensedia’s data collection and reporting capabilities that enhance and extend current FDX patterns.

Ecosystem Innovation

Using Sensedia's Open Finance Platform, our customers can accelerate Banking as a Service (BaaS), Embedded Finance, and Open Banking strategies that are developed and supported via a true Open standards compliant platform.

Governance and compliance

Integrated, modular and highly scalable API management.

Governance and compliance

Monetize your Open Banking efforts with Sensedia’s out-of-the-box billing capabilities that monitor and report on data transactions and usage.

Governance and compliance

Manage and control your API infrastructure using Sensedia's observability stack to simplify and monitor your API based ecosystem.

Governance and compliance

Leverage easy-to-use capabilities that enable you to focus on ecosystem innovation.

Governance and compliance

Stop depending on capabilities that box you into the use of disparate, high-risk, one-off-builds for every new partner technology you want to integrate into your ecosystem.

Start your open banking journey with an out of the box API platform

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Go beyond regulatory compliance

Combining a data-centric approach with bundled expert advisory services, Sensedia’s Open Banking Solution designed to support FDX enables your institution to fully explore Open Banking capabilities that will significantly improve overall customer experiences, increase revenue-based results, and accelerate your time-to-market for new products and new business models. 

Deliver on growth initiatives

Improved customer digital experiences

Simplified and scalable developer experiences

Rapid development and scale of partner ecosystems

One-stop shop for your FDX Open Banking journey

API patterns and documentation provide partners and API consumers fast and reliable information to create new products and revenue streams. Sensedia’s API platform delivers “out-of-the-box” functionalities like security, traffic management, cache and connectors to Oracle databases and other services to increase your agility and control.

BaaS/Open Banking case study

Open Banking 2.0

API-powered Bank as a Service increased the number of active digital account holders by 240% and boosted results up to 28.2% in 12 months.

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About FDX

The FDX API is the standard unifying the financial industry, providing citizens and institutions with a safe and reliable method to access their financial information. This financial API has been enabling a more open and interoperable environment for the exchange of data and improvements in digital offerings and experiences.

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