API Adaptive Governance: What it is and how it will take API Strategies to the next level

As digital strategies scale and gain strength, Governance can also be more complex but with the right tools and processes, it can be simpler and key for the success of your business.

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API Strategies to the next level

Marcilio Oliveira, Co-Founder and Chief of Growth at Sensedia and Randy Heffner, an Independent Software Industry Analyst, share valuable insights around the importance of Adaptive Governance in API strategies.

One of the main takeaways from this webinar is that APIs are not separate from the business, they are the business. So, having the mindset of build accelerated and in a sustainable way lets the enterprise thrive over the long haul.

Check out the full conversation to understand how Governance will take API Strategies to the next level.

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Panel Participants

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Marcilio Oliveira
Co-Founder and CGO of Sensedia

Marcilio is the Co-Founder and CGO of Sensedia - a leading integration solutions provider with more than +150 enterprise clients across a range of sectors.Master in Software Engineering by the University of Campinas and an Associate Professor at the University of Campinas and Metrocamp. Marcilio has also been a Research Lead at the Innovations Lab in University of Campinas.

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Randy Heffner
software industry analyst

Randy is an independent software industry analyst. He has been in software for 40 years and was, for 20 years, the main API analyst at Forrester Research. He specializes in integration strategy, solution architecture, and how APIs drive innovation and digital business.

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