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Forecasting the Future of APIs in 2023

Besides best practices to follow during 2023, Randy also highlights the current status of long-term trends that he mentioned in 2022, offering a complete diagnosis of how APIs can help your business now and in the future.

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If your organization thinks digital and must be increasingly disruptive and scalable, it needs an API strategy to further enhance your software teams and make them more agile. In the future, your success will be measured by the way you treat your APIs.

The Trends you should start following now and beyond are back, so is Randy Heffner. One of the world's most prominent API experts is partnering again with Sensedia to offer you a complete whitepaper with rich insights regarding innovation, agility, business and, evidently, how APIs can be powerful for your business.


Check the 6 trends listed by Randy Heffner:

Open everything goes beyond regulatory mandates to business outcomes

API Management embracesmulti-gateway scenarios

API delivery blends with tool chains, integration, and other adjacent infrastructure

Adaptive end-to-end governance emerges from API governance

APIs and API infrastructure benefit fromplatform engineering

APIs become a pillar for enterprise efficiencyover time

Randy Heffner
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