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What is APIX

It's a global event 100% dedicated to modern integrations, APIs, and Microservices, focusing on digital strategy discussions, ecosystem formation, open models, and innovation. The best opportunity to delve into technical and business content, featuring lectures, success stories, panel discussions, and interactive spaces. In 2024, APIX reaches its 9th edition, with the largest setup in its history, and a hybrid format (combining in-person and online experiences).

Who created APIX

The event is hosted by Sensedia, a Brazilian company that stands as one of the global leaders in API solutions, ranging from products to consulting services. With a clientele of over 200 companies from diverse industries and countries, Sensedia's portfolio boasts a robust and secure API Management platform, complemented by an array of integration, governance, and Microservices-driven services and products. The hallmark of their success lies in their Strategic Professional Services teams, which seamlessly blend technology and expertise from strategy to execution.

Who should attend APIX

APIX is designed for everyone interested in exploring or deepening their understanding of the power of APIs in business, technology, and digital acceleration – from developers to executives. It's a great opportunity to engage in API discussions with the industry's leading experts and gather insights that translate into real-world outcomes for businesses.

Why attend APIX

This is the best opportunity of the year for you to connect with the key individuals, companies, and ideas that are reshaping the API economy. It's the time to learn, gain insights, and build your network, all of which will have a transformative impact on your business. Don't wait until 2025!

When and Where is APIX

APIX will take place on May 23rd in a hybrid format. The in-person event will be held at the World Trade Center São Paulo - Av. das Nações Unidas, 12551 - Cidade Monções, São Paulo - Brazil. The online experience will be live-streamed, giving participants access to the programming on the Future and Poweful Stories stages, the Experience Talks podcast, and the opening and closing keynotes.

What can you expect from the two APIX 2024 journeys?

The in-person journey will feature simultaneous programming on 3 main stages, with lectures, success stories, and panel discussions, as well as interactive spaces for conversations with experts and networking. Attendees will also have access to a Masterclass for developers and architects, for which tickets must be purchased separately.

In the online journey, participants can watch the complete live programming of the Future and Powerful Stories stages of the in-person event, as well as all the keynotes. The Experience Talks podcast will also be streamed live. In other words, no matter where you are, there's no excuse to miss APIX 2024!

Simultaneous translations

Simultaneous translation in English, Spanish, and Portuguese will be provided for the Future and Powerful Stories stages, as well as the keynotes

Content distribution

The content approved by the speakers will be made available on Sensedia's YouTube channel after the event.

Will there be lockers?

The event offers lockers for storing travel bags and backpacks. It will operate from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Items of high value, such as cash, cards, electronic devices, computers, mobile phones, jewelry, wallets, and accessories, are not allowed to be left in storage. Storing food, beverages, or animals is also not permitted.

Will lunch be served?

Yes, there will be a grab-and-go lunch served for 2 hours. During this time, participants can opt for their preferred dining time.

Is there parking?

WTC has its own parking facility (parking fee not included in the APIX ticket), and valet service is also available. Additionally, there are several nearby parking lots that can be used at lower costs.

How can I participate in the Masterclass?

APIX 2024 will feature a dedicated space for in-depth technical content for developers and architects. There will be 3 comprehensive classes on solutions that are reshaping the technology market: modern integration architectures, Artificial Intelligence, and platform engineering. Access to the Masterclasses will be granted exclusively to attendees who purchase tickets for the in-person APIX journey. Each class must be purchased separately (the fee is not included in the in-person journey ticket). The classes will be conducted in Portuguese without simultaneous translation.

Can I choose to only participate in the Masterclass?

No. To attend the Masterclass, you must also purchase a ticket for the in-person APIX journey.

Does APIX issue certificates for the Masterclass?

Yes. Certificates will be sent to the email address you provided during registration within 15 days after the event.

What are the types of ticket available?

APIX 2024 will offer three registration options:

Online: 100% free registration, simply register via Sympla. You can access the keynotes, Future and Powerful Stories stages, and watch the Experience Talks podcast live for free.

APIX Day: in-person event with access to all APIX stages and areas. You can buy your ticket via Sympla.

APIX Day + Masterclass: In addition to gaining access to all APIX Day content and privileges, you can purchase 1 Masterclasses (limited tickets via Sympla).

When and where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for the in-person event can be purchased here.

Ticket ownership transfer

Ticket holder changes can be requested from 7 to 10 business days before the event starts, and they must be submitted via with the subject [APIX] - Ticket Holder Change + ticket number.

After this period, ticket holder changes will not be allowed.

I am a Sensedia customer or partner, how do I acquire my ticket?

Please get in touch directly with your account representative or send an email to with the subject Tickets APIX - [Company Name].

Corporate Purchase

Fill out the form with the Corporate Info when purchasing the ticket

Do you issue an invoice?

Yes. Once your payment is confirmed, the invoice will be automatically sent within 15 business days after the payment date to the same email address provided during registration.

Refund policies

Refunds can be requested up to 7 days before the event by emailing

How to acquire a virtual ticket?

Tickets for the virtual event can be obtained for free via Sympla.

What is the cost of a virtual ticket?

Tickets for the virtual event are FREE.

Where will the virtual event be streamed?

The virtual event will be live-streamed through the TD Scale platform.

How will I receive the access link for the virtual event?

The link to the platform will be sent on the eve of the event to the email address you provided when purchasing the ticket. This email will contain all the credentials for accessing our platform.

Will all the stages of the in-person event be broadcasted at the virtual event?

No. Through the virtual event, you will be able to follow the keynotes, Powerful Stories, and Future stages, as well as the Experience Talks podcast. The Masterclass and the Campfire and Under the Stars stages will be exclusive to in-person attendees.

Does the virtual event grant a certificate?

Participation certificates are not provided for the virtual event.

Why Sponsor APIX

This event brings together leading professionals and organizations, from around the globe, who leverage the power of APIs to drive business and digital strategies. It's an incredible opportunity for you to showcase how your solutions can effectively integrate and optimize experiences across various industries. As a sponsor, you'll have direct access to decision-makers in major firms, enabling you to forge connections that can lead to new growth opportunities and synergy for your business. APIX attracts a highly qualified audience actively seeking partnerships that deliver value.

How to Sponsor APIX

Contact us at and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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