Request Form for the Exercise of Personal Data Subject’s Rights

Privacy Statement.

Sensedia is committed to protecting and safeguarding everyone's privacy and personal data protection, always acting in compliance with applicable Brazilian legislation. Therefore, we have prepared this Privacy Statement to explain the practices adopted by Sensedia on how the personal data subject can exercise his/her rights.

General Guidelines

We provide this form to facilitate the exercise of the personal data subject’s rights, in an efficient and secure way for the processing of your request, pursuant to Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (Brazilian General Data Protection Law - LGPD).

Remember that its use is optional. Please feel free to forward your request to us in the way that is easiest for you 😊.

We kindly ask that after completing the form, the personal data subject will sign and forward it, together with the applicant's proof of identity, to

Ah, if necessary, Sensedia may request additional information from the personal data subject, in order to meet the aforementioned demand and avoid any type of information security incident that could harm the applicant.

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Holder of Personal Data.

Legal Representative or Proxy of the Data Subject.

Fill in the form.

In order to process your Request, we need some data from you.

Complete the fields and indicate which rights you wish to exercise.

Finalize and send.

At the end, please fill in the declaration of authenticity. We request that proof of identity of the holder of the personal data be attached to the application. (copy of ID card).

After that you have completed the form! Send it to the e-mail address
to make your request.

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