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April 2, 2020

Sensedia's response to the spread of COVID-19

Eduardo Arantes
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Sensedia's response to the spread of COVID-19:

We consider that this moment is very delicate and requires a constant updating of actions. However, we guarantee that all operations will continue to run normally and there will be no disruption to the contracted services:

  • Sensedia's Platform is totally multi-cloud and remains 100% available. In addition, our team is prepared to deal with various scenarios and ensure the stability of services;
  • Our support also remains unchanged, with our team suited to the remote model. All Sensedia service channels are working the same way, including phones. We use the VOIP system, which allows the distribution of all phone lines to other devices and keeps functioning normally;
  • All face-to-face meetings are temporarily suspended and scheduled meetings will be held remotely, through applications such as Google Hangouts, Zoom or others that suits the needs and recommendations of companies;
  • The platform trainings can be done remotely or re-scheduled according to the partner's needs;
  • We are aware that the situation is challenging and concerned about their health and welfare of all, due to the exponential increase of confirmed cases in Brazil, and especially in the State of São Paulo, we decided to postpone the 6th edition of APIX to March 1st and 2nd, 2021.

Keep in touch with us to define the best strategy. The only thing is that, maybe the pets and children of our employees will make a special participation in call. :)

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