How Unimed Vale do Sinos uses Sensedia technology to improve the patient care experience

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Unimed Vale do Sinos, located in Novo Hamburgo, is a company with 48 years of history, counting on 530 member physicians,
291 offices, 2100 collaborators, and 20 own units.

Customer Challenge

The hospital was facing challenges in the area of integration and communication between systems. With a high turnover of developers and many APIs being developed without clear governance, controlling all integrations became a bottleneck.

Experience Gains

The IT team of Unimed Vale do Sinos with the facility to expand the capacity of accessible information, which made the service simple, agile, digital, giving a leap in customer experience (UX).

Strategic Gains

It was possible to reduce the development and maintenance costs of integrations by 20%, improve the efficiency of processes and ensure a clear view of the status of APIs in real time. In addition, the reuse of APIs has accelerated the design of the hospital application by 60%.

"With Sensedia's API management platform, we were able to create an abstraction layer for the different system interfaces, simplifying integration and allowing greater reuse of APIs. In addition, the platform provided us with a clear view of the status of APIs, facilitating project management, identification of bottlenecks and especially ensuring the necessary security".

Antônio de Pádua
IT manager at Unimed Vale do Sinos
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