A bright future for Bmg

Sensedia provides a solid platform for growth.

The challenge

A key concern was the impact OB regulation would have on its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and whether the infrastructure would be able to store all the consented data for customer behaviour analysis.

Another challenge was ease of communication between banks, reading customers’ data and security issues. LGPD (national data security rules) meant banks were keen to protect themselves against data leaks, particularly as a high number of cases made customers wary of the banking system and unlikely to consent to their data being shared with third-parties.

Launched in the 1930s, Bmg provides accounts, loans, insurance and investment products for personal, corporate and wholesale clients, plus retail management support (primary sectors are agribusiness, industry and commerce). It was one of the first banks to offer payroll deductible loans and today offers physical and digital solutions in tandem.


Connectivity and integration expert, Sensedia, gave Bmg peace of mind. Rigorous testing of its API management platform ensured an easy integration into the existing infrastructure, meeting OB’s security requirements.

Bmg passed OB’s phase one (open data) in February this year, confirming participants’ communication channels, products and services met security requirements.Phase two, in August, focused on API platforms protecting customer data, in line with national LGPD, and now in phase three (service), participants are encouraged to develop new solutions and environments for payments and credit proposals

Phase four, in December, focuses on the provision of additional services, creating a broader Open Finance environment.


Sensedia is helping Bmg open up its APIs to third-parties, creating more partnership opportunities and a firm foundation for Open Finance

With 7.8 million total customers and rising, plus increased investment in digitalisation and marketing, Bmg can only go from strength to strength in this OB world.

In June 2021, Bmg reported a 28.2% growth in 12 months and a 240.5% increase in active digital account holders to 4.6 million.

A bright future for Bmg.

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