Aliansce Sonae transforms business and accelerates digital through APIs

The new unit has advanced technologies that provide excellence in prompt customer service from pre-check-in to direct payment via app.

The challenge

Aliansce Sonae's digital initiatives rely on a consumer-centre platform strategically designed to meet specific profiles, considering behaviours, regions and cultures. The changes in consumer habits had already been the focus of the company's activities, which required a rapid evolution of the business.

Thus, since 2018 Sensedia has supported the company in the challenge of having a customized API platform, aiming at partner integration and multiple services and conveniences.

Aliansce Sonae is the largest shopping center management company in Brazil. Its portfolio brings together 37 thousand tenants in 39 malls, in the five regions of the country. This leadership was born from the merger between Alliansce and Sonae Sierra Brasil in August 2019.


To ensure the business continuity and to provide greater ease and convenience to consumers and tenants, Alliance Sonae developed a smart site for each of its malls. Services such as movie ticket sales, restaurant reservations and parking payment, among others, were integrated into the platform, making the consumer's digital journey fast, intuitive and convenient.

Due to the pandemic and the challenges imposed on the business, all digital transformation processes were inevitably accelerated, creating greater connection between consumers and retailers, also moving towards the creation of Aliansce Sonae's logistics hub , called PEG. On this platform, the retailer can manage its sales and direct contact with customers, with the curation of the network.


All of this based on walkway traffic analysis, store clustering data, attentive to what the consumer is looking for in that area by type of product.

In this journey of evolution, Aliansce Sonae gained knowledge, made predictions and designed new business models in a personalized way for each of the malls, promoting a new and  more assertive business planning path.

This advance in digital transformation through Sensedia's  API Platform was key in the integration of Aliansce’s partners, creating highly customized and convenient marketplaces. APIs were also essential to integrate the marketplaces of each of the malls, with all the particularities of each region. A design  for the future that is already happening.

Aliansce Sonae transforms business and accelerates digital through APIs

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