With many organisations struggling to fully embrace digital transformation, a Composable Enterprise framework could be their route to success.  But what is it?
Composable Enterprise means using interchangeable building blocks - or platforms - to enable businesses to create, innovate and adapt their operations in response to external (or internal) factors. Put simply, it gives them the agility to evolve and grow.

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Case studies


Leader in the e-payments industry in Latin America - aimed to transform itself from a simple POS provider to a widely recognised technology innovator and enabler. To this end, in 2014 the company began its shift towards a new open innovation strategy with an API Management platform.

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Banco Original

Banco Original adopts BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) to take the lead in the Open Banking race. Opening its APIs to third-parties, reaped the rewards, and enabled it to build a partner ecosystem to connect different areas of expertise, which in turn enabled it to offer more financial/non-financial products. It also generates high transaction volumes and customer retention, plus provides an additional revenue source.

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