Business intelligence

Make decisions based on real-time data from your APIs. Monitor information about channels, partners, orders, products, seasonality, users - plotting customisable dashboards for different teams.

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Plot multiple customisable dashboards and share with your team

Extract data in real-time and make deep analysis

Monitoring your business
through APIs

Clients' stories

Natura is a global personal care cosmetics group, with more than US$10 billion revenue (2018). Luciano Abrantes, CTO at Natura, tells how APIs helped the company to grow sales channels, and how they helped to connect Natura with the  independent distributors, the major sales force of the company, through digital experiences.

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Monitoring your business using APIs makes it possible to discover interesting insights and explore opportunities, as well as understand how healthy your APIs and tech architecture are, from your Interface to your backend.

The Sensedia API Platform offers, among its many features, a very valuable tool for extracting metrics from all the API request processed by the platform. The metrics extracted from this feature are used in custom Dashboards, Alerts and complete logs, and they can be integrated with external tools.

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