APIX is an event that brings leading industry success cases, fostering discussion
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APIX 2021
Randy Heffner
Software Industry Analyst

Business design and software design are two sides of a single design. When you are designing your business, you are designing your software.

Cleber da Silveira

Banks were designed to be closed, so delivering APIs is a big change.

Vladimir Bacvanski

Platforms now exist not only in the software spaces, but also in the data components.

Federico Benitez
Grupo Sura

The opportunity for an insurer to access data and information through an alliance with third parties gives it the opportunity to better understand its customer.

Luis Urrelo
Intercorp Retail

The convergence between building and adopting accelerators by digital squads in an innovation environment is key to a government's success.

Fabio Moraes
Aliansce Shopping Centers

The customer logging into the mall app to find a shop seemed silly, but in Pandemic this was necessary and they are used to it.

Samantha Martins

We have made a leap in understanding how Digital is and the consumer has also gone to another level. So we realised that people have learned to live online in a different way.

Fernando Wanderley
Ancar Ivanhoe

When other players enter the game and you are able to expand the number of services, the whole connection and integration part becomes crucial - and it needs to be fast and efficient. A good API platform is key to this.

Richard Prior

Open Banking is constantly scaling globally and things are moving at different paces, market, stages of maturity. It's an extraordinary time to be involved in financial services.

Marius Galdikas

Open Banking is a great opportunity for a lot of innovation and there is potential for a lot more different products to be developed by institutions that do not have or need a financial licence.

Mike Amundsen
Amundsen.com, Inc

In the future, we're going to connect services the way we connect systems. We're going to end up not describing solutions, but problem spaces.

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